Traditional Greek island-style wooden frames of the highest quality and beauty.

Dr.DOM specializes in manufacturing traditional wooden frames and windows. Visit our rich portoflio of island projects and see why wooden frames have become a permanent element in Greek architecture.

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Traditional mountain wooden frames: Beauty, craftsmanship and durability.

Dr.DOM takes up the challenge in construction in Greek mountainous areas using the latest tech in wooden windows. Visit our mountain projects gallery and see our cutting-edge technical specifications in action.

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High standards & traditional quality for the demanding hotelier.

Our wooden products have been redesigned to fit the energy-saving needs of contemporary and traditional hotels. At the same time, we strive to respect their architectural demads and adapt to the local climate.

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Wooden doors

Wooden front doors

Let us design the wooden front door of your dreams together. Discover your unique, personal favourite within our vast collection of designs, colors and applications.

Wooden windows

Wooden windows

Our wooden windows are designed and manufactured to the strictest specifications for modern buildings. They also adhere to EC standards and the energy requirements as stated by National law.

Wooden shutters

Wooden shutters

Wooden window shutters are an irreplacable part of traditional Greek architecture. In our manufacturing process, we have respected every little detail and enriched the tradition with technology.

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Are you a carpenter or a wooden windows professional?

Join us and upgrade your business!

In Dr.DOM we’re developing our partner network, with our partners' growth in mind. Join our team and upgrade the quality of your service towards the end customer, thus improving an already excellent product. Establish your business in your region of influence, aided by our influential brand name and targeted business development activities. We're offering our partners full sales support in our leading product range. Looking for more advantages? We're always consistent in deliveries and logistics, we have ISO-9001 quality-controlled processes and reliability, we offer energy-efficiency certificates to aid in subsidies, full guarantee for durability for all wooden products, the most complete technical specification for wooden windows in Greece and a modern showroom to showcase every product, ready to adapt to the space of each partner.

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Did you know?

Sales NetworkSales Network

Dr.DOM has developed an extensive sales network since 2003, with a special emphasis in the Greek islands.

Dr.DOM certifies all wooden products with the CE markCE Marking

Dr.DOM certifies all wooden products with CE marking (validated by the official national authority)

Warranties and the ISO 9001 quality management system for wooden windowsCertificates and warranties

All construction materials and manufacturing processes in Dr.DOM are standardized and accompanied by the necessary certifications according to the ISO 9001 quality management system.

Wooden frames specificationsWooden frames specifications

We have the most complete catalog of technical specifications and designs for wooden frames & windows in Greece!

Energy savingEnergy efficiency

See the role of wooden windows in saving energy.

Energy certificateEnergy certificate

See what is required to obtain the Greek Energy Certificate for your building

Environmental & ecology issuesEnvironmental & ecology issues

See how using wooden frames and windows can help protect trees and forests.


Subisdy Programme for Greek residents: See the activities that can be selected for funding, directly or via tax breaks.