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Dr.DOM show room for wooden windows

15 years of evolution in wooden frames and windows

Dr.DOM and its growing affiliate network undertake private and public building projects and hotels since 2001. The company is staffed by experienced structural egineers in the field of wooden frames and windows, and its procedures have been certified with ISO 9001.

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Dr.DOM has always been a national leader in wooden windows, servicing all of Greece. Here's some of our competitive advantages:

  • The experience and know-how of our chartered engineers, specializing in wooden windows of traditional design
  • Focus in quality, reliability, visual and functional value at a competitive price
  • 15 years of experience in urban, island, mountain and hotel projects.
  • An advanced wooden windows production plant with strong exports and specialised personnel
  • Quality control in all production, transport and fitting stages
  • Certified energy-efficient output and reliability of our materials according to the strictest international standards
  • The most complete list of technical specifications and designs for wooden frames and windows in the country; can cover the most demanding structural requirements
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Sales NetworkSales Network

Dr.DOM has developed an extensive sales network since 2003, with a special emphasis in the Greek islands.

Dr.DOM certifies all wooden products with the CE markCE Marking

Dr.DOM certifies all wooden products with CE marking (validated by the official national authority)

Warranties and the ISO 9001 quality management system for wooden windowsCertificates and warranties

All construction materials and manufacturing processes in Dr.DOM are standardized and accompanied by the necessary certifications according to the ISO 9001 quality management system.

Wooden frames specificationsWooden frames specifications

We have the most complete catalog of technical specifications and designs for wooden frames & windows in Greece!

Energy savingEnergy efficiency

See the role of wooden windows in saving energy.

Energy certificateEnergy certificate

See what is required to obtain the Greek Energy Certificate for your building

Environmental & ecology issuesEnvironmental & ecology issues

See how using wooden frames and windows can help protect trees and forests.


Subisdy Programme for Greek residents: See the activities that can be selected for funding, directly or via tax breaks.

Project portfolio galleries

  • Island projects

    Traditional Greek island-style wooden windows of the highest visual and material quality A traditional house in a Greek island: a dream shared by millions. It is our pleasure to contribute to this dream's realisation in the most effective way. The…
  • Mountain projects

    TRADITIONAL MOUNTAIN WOODEN FRAMES: BEAUTY, CRAFTSMANSHIP AND DURABILITY. The Greek mountainous areas can be compared to a magic canvas; their features unrelenting but peaceful. Stone, wood, snow, high altitudes and rich forests compose a breathtaking landscape. A landscape which, in…
  • Hotels

    Utilising more than ten years of experience in collaborating with engineers and architects, Dr.DOM is focusing its efforts in supplying demanding hoteliers with wooden frames and windows of the highest standards. Our engineers, experienced in large-scale projects, can support a…
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    • Business development done right. Market research and well-targeted marketing and advertising
    • Consistency in deliveries and logistics. Quality-controlled processes and reliability.
    • Certified products & energy-efficient practices to aid in subsidies. Warranties for durability for all wooden products
    • The most complete technical specification for wooden windows in Greece
    • ISO-9001 certified for all processes
    • A modern showroom to showcase all our products, ready to adapt to the needs and space of our new partners.
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