Why us? 15 competitive advantages

Dr.DOM show room There are plenty of reasons why Dr.DOM has become a national leader in wooden windows. Here's some of our competitive advantages:

  1. The experience and know-how of our chartered engineers, specializing in wooden windows of traditional design
  2. Focus in quality, reliability, visual and functional value at a competitive price
  3. 15 years of experience in urban, island, mountain and hotel projects.
  4. An advanced wooden windows production plant with strong exports and specialised personnel
  5. Latest-technology machinery, precision cutters and the most advanced painting and glazing methods.
  6. Quality control in all production, transport and fitting stages
  7. Certified energy-saving output and reliability of our materials according to the strictest international standards
  8. The most complete list of technical specifications and designs for wooden frames and windows in the country; can cover the most demanding structural requirements
  9. All the necessary energy certificates and full customer support for subsidies and funding for windows replacements.
  10. In our modern showroom, visitors are welcome to browse our products and learn the latest developments in wooden window technology by our experienced and friendly engineers.
  11. Highly trained ans specialized staff in technically advanced premises, with cutting-edge IT support.
  12. Measuring services on demand, even fore very remote locations. In-depth & detailed study of every single factor or paramenter that can influence the normal fulfillment of the orders and manufacturing of our products.
  13. A growing sales network for the islands and the mainland. Our partners are always compliant with the company principles
  14. Consistency in deliveries and logistics. ISO-9001 controlled processes and reliability..
  15. Strong and continuous after sales support.