CE Marking

Dr.DOM CE MarkingThe CE marking (Conformité Européenne) is mandatory in products manufactured within the EU, and the rule also applies to wooden frames and windows.

Dr.DOM has certified every product with the CE marking, validated by the offical Greek authority. According to the certification, the company and the production facility have two control mechanisms in place:

  1. ΙΤΤ System (Initial type test), according to which the authority certifies the wooden frames for their technical specifications and their efficiency, by conducting rigorous lab tests about the following:
    1. Thermal insulation.
    2. Soundproofing.
    3. Wind resistance.
    4. Waterproofing.
    5. Air insulation.
  2. FPC system (Factory production control), according to which the authority certifies all manufacturing processes.

Dr.DOM is aligned with all EC directives and legislation and pays special attention to certification by placing all products and wooden windows in rigorous lab testing procedures. In this way, the end customers can also choose based on strict technical criteria.