Dr.DOM show roomDr.DOM was established in 2001 in Marousi, Athens, Greece. Our company and its growing affiliate network undertake private and public building projects and hotels, focusing in the manufacturing and procurement of wooden windows and frames, as well as other structural products and services.

The company is staffed by experienced structural egineers in the field of wooden frames and windows, and its procedures have been certified with ISO 9001. Our continuous track record in quality and reliablility has established us in the field of construction, which is one of the toughest sectors in the market.

hotel-wooden-windows-projectsIn Dr.DOM, we pay very special attention to the energy profiling of our wooden windows, by certifying each and every product with a CE marking. The wooden products' thermal insulation, soundproofing, functional behaviour, combined with the variety in sizes, makes, colors and designs can fit the needs of any traditional or mordern architectural project.

Apart from conventional wooden windows, Dr DOM, has been focusing in the manufacturing of products with a more traditional style. Since 2003, we have an organized sales network on the islands and mainland Greece with a strict focus on preserving the traditional architectural character of local areas, taking into account the difficult local environment such as the harsh weather and the increased durability requirements.