Certificates and warranties

Dr.DOM πιστοποιητικα εγγυησειςDr.DOM's written guarantee is a simple and easy to understand text, without legal jargon or special terms. It covers all processes from manufacturing to fitting our products.

It was created as a result of many years of experience in working with wooden windows, with a variety of clients, and is based in strict processes for the manufacturing, selecting raw materials, paints & finishes, the mechanisms and the glazing methods.

Our manufacturing partners' separate warranties add extra value to Dr.DOM's written committment and cover all the packaging materials, the transportation and the fitting accessories for the wooden windows.

See our warranty form template (in Greek).

Our raw materials and manufacturing processes are accompanied by all the necessary certifications. The certificates that are required for subsidies, as well as to sell or rent the building are available to our customers, validated by the national authorities.

Finally, our full certifications and technical specifications book is available upon request.