Ecology & Environmental

Ecology & EnvironmentalIt is perceived that energy consumption and ecology are two incompatible concepts. This is because, to complete a construction, one must consume energy, alter the natural environment and produce waste.

However, can we characterize human housing as consumption?

The answer is no, as far as we abode to the rules of handling raw materials (the adminsitration and management of waste), and construction methods. Such methods have been recently successfully tested in bioclimatic architecture .

In relation to ecological wooden windows, energy consumption and the careful management of natural resources to create raw material can be described as follows:

The lack of an ecological conscience had resulted in the total overlogging and consumption of trees which had devastated the rainforests. For this reason, international bodies have been set in place to certify the correct practices in managing the raw materials. These bodies have set strict rules to combat illegal logging and selling of wood.

Today, we have millions of acres of certified woods according to PEFC or FSC. These forests is where 100% of the certified wood is traded in the global markets, and it is the wood whcih our wooden windows is made of.

By using wooden products and wooden windows, we help these forests grow.