Energy certificate

Dr.DOM ενεργειακο πιστοποιητικοIssuing an Energy Certificate for all new buildings is mandatory, according to Greek Law. The same is true for older buildings, of 50 sq.meters or larger before they can be sold or rented.

According to the National Rule for the Energy Output of Buildings which is in effect since April 2010, issuing an Energy Certificate is mandatory in the following cases:

  1. All new building licenses. A detailed study for energy savings is required from the main engineers.
  2. All radical renovations of structures above 1000 sq.meters. A renovation is considered radical when its cost exceed 25% of the value of the building, excluding the land.
  3. All sales or rentals of real estate above 50 sq.meters. A local inspection will be held where the authorities may issue the "Green ID" for the building. This ID shows the details of the buidling's energy consumption and suggests works to upgrade its energy profile.

Our wooden windows and frames satisfy all EC and international energy requirements and technical specifications. For more information our expert staff will introduce you to the latest developments in energy conservation for wooden windows technology.