Energy efficiency

Dr.DOM energy savingAn important factor in reducing the energy loss of a building is its frames and windows. The construction material (wood, PVC, aluminum) as well as the glass panes have a thermal transmittance factor, Uf (frame) and Ug (glass).

So, the total factor for the product is Uw (window) in units of w/m2k.

Low Uw factor = Energy saving

Using top-quality modern wooden windows helps reduce energy loss for the building, resulting in dramatic cost savings (measured in reduced heating expenses or Kw/h)

This is accomplished in three ways:

  • PROFILES. The profiles of our wooden windows have the lowest possible Uf factor.
  • GLASS PANES. Taking into account that the largest area in the window is the glass, we are ahead of the conventional dual glazing technology, by using soft-coated glass. Using this technology achieves a 50% lower Ug factor. Double-glazed soft-coated glass is offered in all our wooden windows as standard.
  • SEALING. Our products are equipped with high-tech perimetrical sealing mechanisms which, combined with the sealing rubbers, provide excellent thermal & air insulation, bringing the Uw window factor to an optimum low.