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Ξύλινα κουφώματα | Ξενοδοχεία The redesigned website of Dr.DOM is now live. We're going online in November 2014 to integrate as many web technologies as possible to offer our visitors a smooth and rich experiece as they browse our company information, our philosophy and our product...

New tech in wooden windows

Wooden frames: two new mechanisms!

Wooden frames and windows are now equipped with the most advanced mechanisms and capable of minimalistic design. Dr.DOM, a leader in the field, presents the two latest advances in wooden frames tech.
AGB's Imago retractable mechanismAGB New mechanisms
Can be adjusted to a thinner wooden...

Dyes for wooden frames

colors_koufomataThe failed recipe.

  Some products from past decades carry have been through many negative stages before they evlove. Wooden windows are no exception, with special highlights in mechanisms, joints and, above all, paints. Dyes as well as painting methods have mostly failed to achieve their purpose. Therefore, in...