Wooden front doors

Let us design the wooden front door of your dreams together. Discover your unique, personal favourite within our vast collection of designs, colors and applications.

Our front doors & gates are manufactured using three-layered wooden profiles with a cross-section of 68Χ110mm or 68Χ130mm for the sash and 68Χ80mm for the frame.

The door sashes, apart from the double glazing, may be provided with solid wood paneling. These panels are manufactured, depending on the design of the door, by veneered or natural plywood of 36mm thickness. The arrangement is 6+11 / 2 spaces / 11+6mm. Alternatively, it can be two plywood surfaces, 12mm thick, separated by 28mm of styrofoam. The plywood surfaces perimeter is sealed by 40mm of top quality solid meranti wood. This configuration guarantees a beautiful design but, also, thermal insulation and durable resistance to distortion.

The intermediate layers that separate the panels of the glass and create the design are made by three-layered meranti wood and have a thickness of 68Χ80mm or 68Χ90mm, depending on the design


We equip our street doors and gates with WINKHAUS® counter-burglar mechanisms (see website). The door is equipped with an integrated metallic mechanism within its front vertical element. The door is locked with massive hooks that automatically grip the rail, preventing the door from being pried open.

An additional service lock is optionally offered on all doors.

The door is hanged in the frame on three (3) brass three dimensional heavy-duty hinges. All mecahnisms are manufactured in dark nickel color and finished in plastic covering, in the color of the door handles. They are extremely resistant to corrosion.