Wooden shutters

Wooden window shutters are an irreplacable part of traditional Greek architecture. In our manufacturing process, we have respected every little detail and enriched the tradition with technology.

The frames we use are made of solid wood, of 50x40-250mm thickness. The shutter frame is separate from the window frame. It can be combined with wood covering for the wall or a screen case. The shutter frame is pre-assembled in the factory, with its joints and screws. Then, it is dissassembled for transport and reassembled on-site.

Traditional quadruple-sash shutters are equipped with triple-layered solid wood shutter frames of 79x68mm thickness.

The shutter profile is made of 45x80mm meranti wood, while the shutter blinds are made of 10x50mm strips of meranti. The shutter may be filled with 12x80-90mm blinds or plywood panels of 50mm thickness.

In the frames described above, we can fit shutters of highly durable plywood, decorated with an endless choice of engravings and ornamentations.

Shutter mechanisms

Wooden shutters are equipped with ROTO FENTRO mechanisms (see website). They're made of frame hinges and sash hinges as big as 19mm, shutter catches, locking mechanisms and accessories of various types.

Shutter mechanisms are electrostatically dyed in black matte, grey and white and are extremely resistant to corrosion. This resistance is also achieved by zinc coating as a first stage and electrostatically applying powder paint in the next stage. Each part is painted separately, so that no facet remains unpainted, no matter how we configure the mechanisms. They may be painted in any RAL colour.

Screws are made of stainless steel and all configuration are made by 4mm Allen.

Traditional configurations employ French-style brass hinges by METALLOR. These are nickel-finished in nickel matte, golden or "oxidized" colours.

Optionally, we can install adjustable hinges, bars, shutter stops and other accessories by stainless steel by DIDIEFFE, protected by an additional 70-100μm layer of polyurethane paint, clear or RAL-colored



Our wooden shutters can be manufactured in any combination, such as:

  • single-sash,
  • double-sash,
  • triple-sash,
  • quadruple-sash,
  • sliding,
  • folding
    as well as, arched or rounded.


Inner wooden sunshades

The windows / shutters may be equipped with inner wooden sunshades. The frame of the sash of the sunshade is made of 20x60mm wood and can be filled with flat or decorated plywood panels. They have brass adjustable 3D hinges Φ14mm.