Wooden windows

Our wooden windows are designed and manufactured to the strictest specifications for modern buildings. They also adhere to EC standards and the energy requirements as stated by National law.

We use three-layered solid top-quality meranti wooden profiles of 68x80mm thickness.

Linkage between all vertical elements is achieved via the method of tenons (integration of one into another using glue as a medium). This method offers total angular precision and very high durability.


Our profiles utilise two rubbbers in the perimeter (one on the windows, one on the frame), placed on the outside, to achieve maximum waterproofing, especially during weather extremes, such as strong wind and rain.

In threshold of the frame of the wooden window, a waterpipe is attached, which drains rainwater and provides additonal resistance to corrosion to this part of the frame. Optionally, in balcony doors, this wooden threshold may be substituted with an aluminum sill which helps access via wheelchair or cart.

Window mechanisms

The mechanisms for wooden windows and sashes are perimetrical and manufactured by ROTO (ROTO NT).
The mechamisms seal the window perimetrically. The movement is transferred via a HOPPE handle, which is equipped with an anti-theft ratchet.
Our windows offer, as a standard, reclination of the one window. The other window may open using a vertical release lever mechanism. All mechanisms are manufactured in dark nickel color and are extremely resistant to corrosion.


Designed to strict energy standards, we have standardized Clima Guard Premium glazing. Double glazing configuration is described as:

  • 4mm of inner glazing.
  • 16mm of intermediate Argon gas.
  • 4mm of soft-coated outer glazing.

Optionally, we can implemet request for any special glazing needs, such as triplex laminated, bulletproof etc.

In the intermediate space, a special perforated aluminum bar (of square section) is placed, padded by special silicates. This bar, which joins the two glass panes is a standard silver, white or bronze finish.

Gluing of the glass on the bar is achieved via a special butyl-based rubber which is applied on the frame's cross-section. Then, the glass panes are mechanically pressed onto the bar. The clearance between the two glass panes is sealed via a dual sealing system, using mastic.

Have a look at the limitless design possibilities. The wooden windows can be designed to open in many different ways, such as:

  • opening / reclining,
  • sliding into one wall or superimposed, using AGB mechanisms,
  • sliding parallel, foldable
  • rotating "Guillotine or British"-style,
  • circular, round or arched
    as well as combinations of the above with permanent (non-openable) parts.

Sills and ledges: The frames are accompanied by wooden sills, dependent on the way they're fitted in the buildding. The standardized thickness of inner sills is 10x50mm or, optionally, 10x70mm. Outer sills and various traditional profiles or finishes are only used in special applications and are designed according to the traditional architectural demands of the building.

Decorative wooden panels: The door sashes, apart from the double glazing, may be provided with solid wood paneling. These panels can be two plywood surfaces, 12mm thick, separated by 28mm of styrofoam. The plywood surfaces perimeter is sealed by 40mm of top quality solid meranti wood. This configuration guarantees a beautiful design but, also, thermal insulation and durable resistance to distortion.

Decorations & ornamentations: Our wooden windows can satisfy every architectural requirement by separating glass panes with top quality solid meranti wood cross-beams of 68x55mm thickness. The glass frames that are created in this way, are double-glazed just like in the conventional frame. The result is visually pleasing, highly durable and sealed.

Movable mullions: Apart from the conventional asymmetrical mullions in double-glazed windows, we can also manufacture symmetrical mullions.

Wooden finish for the water-drainpipes: The aluminum water drain pipe can be covered with a wooden part to achieve the desired visual effect.

Wooden finish for screens or rolling shutters: Our wooden windows are fully compatible with most types of anti-mosquito screens and rolling window shutters. These systems are usually made of aluminum. By covering them with wood, we can achieve the desired visual results.