Wooden windows


Wooden doors

Wooden front doors

Let us design the wooden front door of your dreams together. Discover your unique, personal favourite within our vast collection of designs, colors and applications.

Wooden windows

Wooden windows

Our wooden windows are designed and manufactured to the strictest specifications for modern buildings. They also adhere to EC standards and the energy requirements as stated by National law.

Wooden shutters

Wooden shutters

Wooden window shutters are an irreplacable part of traditional Greek architecture. In our manufacturing process, we have respected every little detail and enriched the tradition with technology.


Are beyond competition. This was not achieved automatically but through constant efforts since 2001.


All wooden frames are designed and manufactured by Dr.DOM in partnership with Kowalscy Brothers. They're made to weather all Mediterranean climatic prticularities and can endure:.

  • the alkaline environment and the strong winds and rain of the Mediterranean islands,
  • the temperature extremes of the higher altitudes and mountainous areas; freezing cold in the winter and smoldering hot in the summer
  • the humidity and heat of Italy, Cuprus or Malta.

The above has been achieved after extensive research and development, mainly in woods and varnish / paint combinations. The research was then extended to care materials for wood protection. The best combination was achieved through research by GORI (Denmark).

The raw material used for covering the wooden windows is water-soluble varnish or laquer by GORI. Care materials are manufactured by GORI TEKNOS. The colour finish is selected by GORI's catalogue, whine the laquer is sampled from RAL and NCS standards.

The paint job for the wooden frames required a high-tech paint cabin with a controlled environment for temperature and humidity. It also required the latest robotic machinery to achieve the maximum precision, quantity of material and the timing between these 4 steps:

  • Step 1: Gori Impregnation
  • Step 2: Gori Primer
  • Step 3: Basic dyeing or laquer intermediate treatment
  • Step 4: Application of the top coating.

The same research team has proven, in the lab, that the ideal wood surface for aplying the above coating materials is Meranti wood with a relative humidity of 12%. Therefore, the base wood has been internationally standardised as Dark Red Meranti of Malaysian origin. It has a density of 850 - 950 kg/m3 before furnace-drying. After the drying process the average density is a little above 450 kg/m3


Using wood and metal
to create a window
Is what craftsmen do.

Using wood and metal
to transform the building
Is what Dr.DOM does!

Equipped with our extensive experience, our know-how, the material's reliability and our focus in quality and timeless design, we still offer the best in wooden doors and windows, in accordance to the strictest international standards. Dr.DOM's solutions can transform any structural project visually and functionally.

In our modern showroom, visitors are welcome to browse our products and learn the latest developments in wooden window technology by our experienced and friendly engineers. All our products carry Dr.DOM's signature and guarantee.

Dr.DOM show room for wooden windowsOur raw materials (wood) are certified by the international bodies SGS FSC (Forest Stewardship Council), DLH and VFF for their ecological characteristics and origin, as well as the international laws that govern the administration and protection of forests.

All our wooden frames carry a CE marking, proving their quality in lab testing which has led to the wide-accepted European certification for the following characteristics:

  • Wind resistance
  • Pressurised water resistance
  • Soundproofing
  • Heat proofing
  • Air insulation


Manufacturing of traditional wooden windows in the style of old buildings

Kowalscy Brothers is a family-owned company which was founded in 1934 in Rawicz, Poland. Since 2000, the exports to many european countries have grown rapidly. Kowalscy Brothers is manned with over a hundred highly specialized staff and equipped the the latest machinery and manufacturing equipment. The factory produces wooden windows, doors, frames and covers every need for these products. Its latest collaboration has been with manufacturers in the UK, in a b2b sales parntership.

The company's manufacturing capabilities include:

  • Wooden windows of type IV 68/78/88/92
  • Sliding and folding windows
  • Frensh-style doors, elevators and sliding doors
  • Wooden doors and windows, coated in aluminum
  • Wooden doors of type IV 68/78/88.
  • Interior doors of mordern, classic and replica-style designs
  • Interior and exterior window sills
  • Wooden staircases
  • Replicas with artisan-style glazing and woodcarving artwork.

Technical specifications & services

Tech specs beyond competition!

Our tech specs cover certifications, designs and directives and show the level of detail in every specification for our wooden products.

Consulting & design services

We are offering complete pre-sales design and consulting services for your project, to prepare the building for measurement and the ordering of your wooden doors and windows.

Measurement & ordering

The final measurements require highly trained personnel. For this reason, the staff of our technical department conducts an in-depth detailed study of every single factor or paramenter that might influence the normal fulfillment of the order and manufacturing of the products, from the preparation of the structure until the transportation, final delivery and fitting of the products. All processes are documented and ISO-9001 certified.


Storage & transportation

After the final stage of manufacturing, the wooden windows remain stored in the factory for an interval that depends on the season of the year, in order to avoid fusing of the products and their packaging. When they're ready for transport, the products are packed in cling film, per item, and tied into pallets. The pallets are "built-up" with white wooden boards. These boards are tied to each other and to the wooden frames (on the casing), to create a solid and friction-resistant mass for transport. The size and weight of the pallets is compatible with all transportation means (road trucks and ships) locally and internationally.

Installation & fitting

Installing and fitting the wooden windows requires specialized skills. Every staff member of our technical department complies with strict rules regarding the transportation, the assembly/disassembly, mounting and installation of the products into the building. After rigorous testing, we have chosen the right materials to package and seal the wooden frames that correspond with Greece's climate conditions. These materials are fully compatible with all applied local building methods.


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Visit our modern showroom. You're welcome to browse the products and learn all the latest developments in wooden window technology by our experienced and friendly engineers. All our products carry Dr.DOM's signature and guarantee.

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Other products & smart solutions

Use our smart combinations and solutions to cut costs without compromise in quality or reliability.

  • Combine PVC windows (glass panes) PVC with wooden shutters
  • Take advantage of the most advanced Schüco aluminum systems
  • Install smart and durable anti-mosquito screens (wire mesh)
  • Automate your functions with motorized rolls and mechanisms
  • Browse our special constructions portfolio
  • Browse our huge selection of interioor wooden doors

Combine our wooden windows with a variety of smart solutions and other products and mechanisms. Cut your costs without any compromise in quality or reliability, and preserve the traditional architecture of your building, even in protected sites.

PVC window & wooden shutters combinationsKömmerling PVC windows with wooden shutters

Combining PVC windows with wooden shutters provides the optimal cost-effective solution. The increased thermal insulation of the quadruple Kömmerling PVC frame satisfies the energy requirements. Additionally, the wide selection of external colors and coatings guarantees the traditional character of the product, in every application
As one of Europe's leading suppliers of residential door, window and shutter profiles made of U-PVC, the KÖMMERLING brand stands for high quality and economically prestigious systems & solutions.

Top-quality Schüco aluminum systemsTop-quality Schüco aluminum systems

Dr.DOM proposes the latest advances in technology for modern buildings. Our partnership with Schüco, a top brand in aluminum systems enriches our arsenal of energy-saving solutions at the highest end of the quality range.

Anti-monsquito systemsAnti-monsquito systems

Dr.DOM procures the most advanced smart anti-mosquito meshes for safe operation annd durability even in the strongest winds. "Invisible" materials serve their purpose ideally without altering the final appearance of the frame. In collaboration with the manufacturing housee, Dr.DOM has fittted the wire mesh into special wooden frames. In this manner, the traditional character of the end product remains unaltered, aided by final painting of the screen in wooden hues and finishes. These products comply with all legal requirements and bear the CE marking for resistance to wind and mechanical durability.

Motorized rollsMotorized rolls and mechanisms

The shutter roll is a structural element with its roots deep in the past, but also with a bright future, in the form of the motor roll.
These products are an excellent combination with the wooden windows. Chosing a motor roll in the place of a traditional shutter provides several advantages, especially in urban areas. To name a few, it's their certified manufacturing quality, their easy of use and simple functionality.

Special constructionsSpecial constructions

You can rely on Dr.DOM's experience and know-how in special constructions to realize your most extreme structural visions.

Wood as a material and today's processing capabilities, offer endless choices for creating special structures, making wooden frames and windows another sector where our products have the lead.

Interior doorsChoose your interior doors from our huge collection

With the charm of solid wood and the reliability of layered gluing, our interior wooden doors can be manufactured in any requested size. A more detailed look reveals the advantages of our classical series, such as the ornamental wooden crossbeams that spearate the glazing (glass panes) into many wooden squares (carets) or the adjustable 3D hinges. Our contemporary-styled series has a stricter appearance with magnetic locks, "hidden" hinges and an original design without unnecessary onramentation.