Anti-mosquito wire mesh screens

Dr.DOM brings you the most advanced anti-mosquito wire mesh systems for safe operation and high durability, even in strong winds.
Thir "invisible" materials serve their purpose without hindering your view

In partnership with the manufacturing houses, Dr.DOM has fitted the screens in special wooden frames. In this way, the traditional character of the wooden window remains unaltered. The wire mesh frames can also be painted in the same colors and hues as the wooden windows. These products comply with EC regulations and bear a CE marking for wind resistance and mechanical durability.

Window screens

The most common screen is the vertical roll. This one operates manually and it can be reset by spring. It comprises of a 41mm aluminum frame, a grey-colored fiberglass material, aluminum rails with wind-resistant edges, outside handle, regulator and an inside handling cord.


Door screens

Horizontal 'plisse-style' systems are the main choice for balcony doors.

The Roller screen is the most advanced horizontal model. A very precise and silent movement is achieved while the lack of a lower rail helps its unhidered operation. A counter-wind axis stabilizes the mesh by keeping it tight at all times. This product has an extremely high wind resistance and is totally transparent.

Another feature is the axitence of a special reset spring which helps bring the mesh back to its original position and the easy locking-in of the screen.

Motorized rolls

The motorized vertical roll is usually employed in larger windows and balcony doors. It's basic features are a special zip system at the edges of the mesh, to keep the screen in place within the rails, its trasnparency and its high resistance to winds. This roll complies with EC regulations and bears the CE marking. It also complies with the Lower Voltage and Electromagnetic Compatibility regulations.

Our anti-mosquito products are made of black or grey polypropylene mesh.