Shutter rolls and motors

ΡΟΛΑ - ΜΟΤΕΡ -034dThe shutter roll is a structural element with deep roots in the past and a bright future

The shutter rolls make an excellent combination with wooden windows. Chosing rolls instead of wooden shutters presents several advantages, especially in urban areas. Their advantages are their certified manufacturing quality, their easy of use and their functionality

Our rolls differ for a number of reasons:

  • Unhidered view
  • Protection from the sun
  • Protection from harsh weather
  • Protection from burglary
  • Gradual sunshine regulation and air ventilation
  • Energy efficiency in summertime by dimming the penetrating sunlight.

An electric motor makes the shutter rolls a joy to use, with the touch of a button, and helps increase the lifetime of the product.rola-moter1 rola-moter2

We always pey special attention to picking the best quality parts for our shutter rolls. Our main criteria are:

  • The highest quality bearing
  • Fortified axis
  • Parts by reinforced polyamide
  • Safety taps
  • Increased aluminum profile thickness
  • Latest-technology thermal-insulating frames